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Organisationen för vuxna adopterade och fosterbarn


Information in English

Welcome to AFO, the swedish organisation for adoptees and foster children.
AFO was established in 1991 and works as a non-profit organisation and supports all adults affected by adoption and/or foster care.
AFO works for the rights and understanding about adoption and offers the members help and support. 

The members could get help with:
* assistance to adult adoptees in search of birth families
* providing help by a phoneline
* giving advice and information in obtaining background sheets and other documents
* service for the members as local group meetings
* lobbying for debate on adoption and foster care
* and a lot of more important aims!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for issues about adoption and adoptees. Do you need more information about AFO?

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Write to:   AFO, organisation for Adult Adoptees and Foster children
Solovagen 4, SE-139 50 Varmdo - Sweden


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